Our Strategic Vision

The Future EU Rail Transport System

...will have to deliver excellent value for money for customers and taxpayers

...will need to connect better to allow end-to-end journeys within and across modes of transport

...will need to grow to serve more passengers and carry more goods

...will need to have the highest standards of safety for passengers and workers and the society as a whole

...will need to provide new services and better information

...will need to integrate cutting edge information technology

...will need to increase its overall energy efficiency

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The Future Rail Infrastructure Manager

...will have to provide the best possible return on investment via a whole system, whole life and whole network cost approach

...will need to act as a system coordinator to deliver more and better end-to-end services to its customers and owners

...will need to adopt a leadership role in the optimisation of its processes, via longer term (network) planning on national or EU level

...will have to offer seamless, cross-border and cross-modal transport connections at a local, national and European level (corridors)

...will need to increase its benchmarking to offer unrivalled levels of customer service and performance within rail and across other industries

...will need to create a strong and inclusive safety culture amongst all rail Infrastructure Managers

...will need to embrace innovation and digital technologies for a more efficient overall delivery and performance

The Future Agenda of the EU

...will continue to support rail Infrastructure Managers and engage in dialogue via the platform of rail Infrastructure Managers (PRIME) to allow for EU objectives, system coherence, service delivery and benchmarking to be delivered successfully

...will drive forward the connection of rail with other transport modes through a collaborative cross-modal platform

...will give rail Infrastructure Managers the appropriate mandate encompassing all functions and levers for optimal planning, building, charging and capacity allocation as well as service and performance delivery

...will focus on creating a stable legal framework for the rail sector by completing all pending EU legislation whilst ensuring an increased return of experience

...will set up, via the European Union Agency forRailways (ERA), an EU railway indicator, monitoring actions and investments in areas with the biggest impact

...will foster adequate funding for a quicker uptake of innovation and digital technologies