Our Strategic Vision 2019-2024

The Future EU Rail Transport System

...will contribute to the EU Green Deal and its related initiatives

...will incentivise a modal shift to rail by creating the green transportation of the future

...will deliver value for money for customers and taxpayers

...will allow end-to-end journeys within and across modes

...will deliver more capacity to carry more passengers and goods

...will have the highest standards of safety for passengers and workers

...will provide new services and better information

...will integrate cutting edge information technology

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The Future Rail Infrastructure Manager

...will cater for the increase in goods and passengers following the 'Decarbonisation and Climate Neutrality' targets of the European Commission

...will focus on customers and put passengers and freight users first

...will become 'greener' itself across its entire value chain

...will provide the best possible return on investment via a whole system, whole life and whole network cost approach

...will adopt a leadership role in the optimisation of its processes, via longer term (network) planning on national or EU level

...will offer seamless, cross-border and cross-modal transport connections on a local, national and European level (corridors)

...will benchmark with best practices within rail and across other industries to develop unrivalled levels of customer service and performance

...will create a strong and inclusive safety culture amongst all rail infrastructure managers

...will embrace innovation and digital technologies for a more efficient overall delivery and performance

...will contribute to the gender balance by supporting the initiative "Women in Rail"

...will strive to recruit young professionals able to ensure the further digitalisation of its business

The Future Agenda of the EU

...will be sustainability-driven and imply a high number of detailed sustainability-related legislation

...will focus on multimodality and a level playing field between transport modes

...will continue to support rail infrastructure managers and the joint dialogue via the platform of rail infrastructure managers (PRIME) to allow for EU objectives, system coherence, service provision and benchmarking to be delivered successfully

...will drive forward the connection of rail with other transport modes through a collaborative cross-modal platform

...will request rail infrastructure managers to develop coordinated planning, building, charging and capacity allocation as well as service and performance delivery on EU level

...will foster adequate funding and charging to increase physical and digital infrastructure capacity to support the overarching policy objectives of the EU