23rd October 2020

EIM-CER-UNIFE-UIP joint letter regarding the Budget deployment to the successor of Shift2Rail

Dear Commissioner Vălean,Dear Commissioner Gabriel, With great attention, the members of our associations have followed the discussions on the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and the steps […]
7th October 2020

Joint Rail Sector Letter – Sustainable Finance

Dear Mr. Berrigan,Dear Mr. Hololei, The Association of the European Rail Supply Industry (UNIFE), the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) and the Association […]
27th August 2020

Short Statement by EIM and CER on MFF 2021-2027

Dear Presidents, It is with great attention that the European Railway Infrastructure Managers (EIM) and the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) has followed […]
17th July 2020

Short statement by Monika Heiming, Executive Director of EIM on the importance of open interfaces and standardisation

Within this difficult economic context, EIM believes that standardisation is a key factor to enable the rapid deployment of innovative solutions while ensuring cost savings. European […]
17th July 2020

The sector’s views on Rail Freight Corridors Regulation 913/2010

In light of the European Green Deal and the Commission’s goal to reach climate-neutrality by 2050, European rail freight plays an important role. The Rail Freight […]
4th July 2020

GRB / SFR Fact Sheet “Standardisation” Explaining referenced & harmonised standards

Standard means a technical specification, adopted by a recognised standardisation body, for repeated or continuous application, with which compliance is not compulsory – except when referenced […]
24th April 2020

EIM letter to the EC and ERA on the TSI revision calendar

With this letter, EIM would like to query about the TSI revision process which was launched in February/March 2020. According to the EU calendar, the final […]
20th April 2020


Developed by EIM and CER, with input provided by UIC, UNIFE/UNITEL and members of the European Rail industry. The EU has formulated ambitious environmental plans by […]
25th March 2020

The 4th Railway Package – A guide for stakeholders

Since 1991, the European railway sector is constantly being reformed by the European Union. The largest initiative is the 4th Railway Package, which was adopted in 2016. It is by far the largest and most complex legal initiative.