15th June 2023

New world, new skills, new staff: thrilling times for a new Adif

The year 2023 has been declared by the European Commission the European Year of Skills in order to provide answers to the growing demand for green […]
3rd May 2022

ADIF – 30 years of High-Speed in Spain

Three major events that were real game changers for Spain took place in 1992. The Universal Exhibition in Seville, that gave a new image of our […]
4th April 2022

Solidarity Transport Hub Poland – An exemplary air&rail integration

Solidarity Transport Hub (STH) is a multimodal hub, consisting of two major components: a brand new international airport located 37 km West of Warsaw and a […]
7th March 2022

PKP PLK – Permanent track diagnostics for train safety

For the safety of rail transport and to maintain established infrastructure parameters, PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. constantly monitors the condition of its tracks. In 2021, […]
28th February 2022

Infrabel – New innovative machines for network maintenance and modernisation

Infrabel has awarded two new contracts to Belgian companies CML Industries and Daxi S.A. Its innovative machines offer many advantages, in terms of both work ergonomics […]
22nd February 2022

Bane NOR – Trains run on clean hydroelectric power in 2022

Climate-friendly trains will run on emission-free energy in 2022. All electricity comes from clean Norwegian hydropower. Bane NOR is responsible for the infrastructure on the railway. […]
17th February 2022

ProRail – Delft Campus, the Netherlands’ first energy-neutral station.

810 solar panels turned Delft campus into the Netherlands’s first completely energy neutral train station. The innovative canopy that is made entirely of solar panels generates […]
31st January 2022

ADIF – One month into the new Spanish HS line to Galicia.

It’s been one month since Adif started operating the full High Speed line to Galicia, in north-western Spain. The last 120 kms were commissioned last December […]
17th January 2022

PKP PLK – Railways more accessible throughout Poland thanks to billions zlotys’ of investments co-financed by European Union funds.

The increase in the attractiveness and accessibility of railways in Poland is due to the effective use of EU and budgetary funds by PKP Polskie Linie […]